Issue with Remmina: after an RDP session is concluded, physical logins to the server shows only a black screen and mouse.

Nov 7, 2023
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(I posted this question in the Remmina Reddit page - but since my account is in "Pending" state for the past few days, I figured on mentioning this issue here.)

I am using a Debian 12 laptop, remotely connecting via Tailscale to the Rocky 9 desktop system. While I am able to remotely access, once I am physically in front of my desktop, I see only a black screen, and responsive mouse pointer. From there, I have no ability to open the login screen - this only gets resolved by me rebooting the desktop. I can still access the desktop by another RDP session at that point - I just can't recover visual while in front of the system.
Checking the issue online didn't seem to bring up anything that would fix the issue. I've also confirmed that I can remotely access from other sources (like my cellphone), with said other source using other RDP clients.
Has anyone experienced this issue - and, if so, what did you do to resolve it?
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