Is It Worthwhile Saving Timeshift Snapshots To An External Device?

Btrfs snapper snapshots use less disk space than Timeshift Rsync snapshots.
Timeshift supports btrfs as well if you use that as your filesystem.

If you can anticipate the possibility of the following occurring
  1. Have a distribution that crashes beyond repair or will take considerable time to fix
  2. If the drive that distro is on crashes
  3. If your desktop or laptop crashes or is damaged ( by power surge, or lightning)
  4. Use the command dd to burn an iso and enter the wrong value in the "of=" string and wipe your daily drive and driver
  5. Other you may think of

No need to anticipate anything because having an image created by Foxclone and Redorescue saved to an external Drive and both having a verify I know the image created is good...I'm ready for anything which has been proven in the past.

At the end of the day it doesn't hurt to have several backup tools and we are all free to use what ever we like...I still have Timeshift but for only minor things.

When I first switched to Linux...I wanted something that would backup everything on the Drive...there's was nothing except clonezilla...I wouldn't recommend that to anyone...hard to work out and so very slow...paint drys faster. After 5 hrs I gave up...I wish Timeshift was around then.

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