Installing Debian to Dual Boot, Does not Boot to Grub Menu


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I'm not from the technology area, I'm a history teacher in Brazil, but I'd like to use a stable, security and free OS as Debian, mainly to learn to use bash and beginning to write some scripts to automatization of my stuffs and tasks of school job.

My instalation option had been dual-boot, by USB, and something wrong happend at the end of the process, maybe with the grub, because although I've finished the instalation, when I start the PC a supposed window with the option Debian/Windows does not appear.

Is there a way to repair it or I can simply restart the instaling process?
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You're probably looking for 'boot-repair'. To use it, you'll boot to a live USB instance, install it (you can install stuff in a live environment), and then run it. More often than not, you can just click the recommended solution and it'll resolve it for you automagically.

Now, if that doesn't work, show us what grub looks like and we'll see if we can get you going again.

If things get too complex, you can also take a look at grub-customizer. Note, I'm only suggesting GUI tools for you. You can do all of this stuff in the terminal, but there are GUI alternatives and we'll try those. With that, you may see that GRUB exists but has no timeout value and is defaulting to the top-most entry, specifically Windows. If that's the case, you can add a timeout value and you can change the default choice *if you want to*.

EDIT: Sorry that it took so long to find this thread. For some reason, I didn't notice it, or never went past the first page. I'm surprised nobody else recommended boot-repair already, actually. That's probably your solution.


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Try only to reinstall it. I had have the same problem, and after reinstall it, it worked properly. Control if the SATA is set on ACHI mode (on BIOS) and if fast and secure boot are disabled

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