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Mar 17, 2024
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Hi, I'm new to Ubuntu and have a problem instaling.
I am trying to instal on an unused desktop in which I have installed a new ssd.
When I try to instal I get the following messages.
Any suggestions.
Thank you



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So. Did you followed the instructions ?
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this taken from my how to install guide if the machine had or was made for win8.1 or higher, check to make sure both windows fast-boot [quick-start] and secure boot are disabled in the bios/UEFI.

How Do I Install Linux:​

Depending on the age of your machine you will need an installation medium, this is usually a clean pen-drive of 4 GB minimum (try not to exceed 16 GB), make sure it is of good quality and formatted to FAT32 or exFAT.

On older machines that are not USB boot-able, you will need a clean new DVD-R. You will also need courage, patience, and time. This is just the start of your journey, the step where you learn how to install Linux.""

reading your screenshot seems to indicate that your installation medium is at fault, this could be due to any of the following
1]corrupt download [did you check the SHA sum]
2] bad write to USB/bad burn to DVD [if you used Rufus for the USB then try again using Balena Etcher, if DVD use a DVD-r [not RW] and burn at minimum speed]
Defective medium use good quality branded not e-bay cheapest]
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one of three things I can think of - is that it was download from a mirror site and the MD5-Hash tags are different - or you have a bad burn using the wrong type of DVD - or you have a bad sector on your HD To check sda1 volume for bad sectors in Linux run fsck -c /dev/sda1
So. Did you followed the instructions ?
Thank you for the advice. I am using a USB flashdrive purchased on Ebay.
I am using an old Asus Crosshair V1 Extreme with 32 DDR4 and a brand new SSD.
I have had trouble downloading myself so I thought a ready made flashdrive would be easier.
Seems I was wrong.
Can you recomend a reputable seller?
Asus Crosshair V1 Extreme
That is not really old.

A "ready made flashdrive" with linux on it ?
Don't think you will find something like that. "Long" time ago, Ubuntu, Mint and some others used to sell DVD/CD.

My 2 out of 20 USBs had become unusable over time..
But you have the iso right? use that if you have(borrow one) a CD/DVD Drive and install the what are you installing.
Asus Crosshair V1
That is not old [only 6 years] .It is UEFI it will have windows quick-start [fast boot] which will need to be disabled. the new SSD will need to be checked for any hidden partitions on the start of the drive, as these will stop Linux loading.
Hi all,
Solved the problem by getting a HHD with Ubuntu pre-installed. Put it all together, no further probems.

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