In Linux, Everything is a File

From what I can see - the posts in the tutorials section are not in any particular order. Each post contains information about an individual Linux related topic. The order of the topics in the forum corresponds with the last time anybody posted comments/content in them. So posts with recent comments appear at the top.

Perhaps at some point @Rob or one of the admins here might be able to update the titles of each article to include a number to indicate the recommended reading order. Or maybe they could create a sticky-post at the top of each tutorials forum with links to each article in a recommended reading order.

But until then, it doesn't look like there is a set order. So perhaps take a look at some of the different topics and ask some questions if there is anything you do not understand.

Ok, I get it, thanks!

well, everything is a file... and there are commands to manipulate the files..

mv /dir1/file1 /dir2/[code]

uses the command mv (move) to move file1 from dir1 to dir2.
Got it files! Thanks!
Thanks for making things clear about everything being a file in Linux.
Everyone knows what a files is... It's that "photo", "document", or "music" that you use. Programs are made of files, in fact, the whole Linux operating system is just a collection of files... But, now for the weird part. Not only is that digital photo that you uploaded to your computer a file, but your monitor is a file too! You see, in Linux, everything is a file! WOW!!! How can that be? Let's try to explain it.

Good Intro about Linux system with sense of Humor... Just started on linux, I knew about those names and a li'l bit about them but thanks for explaining this way, Loved it. Will help newbies like me !!
Hi everybody!
I'm really new in Linux and I'm starting to know more about Linux with these tutorials.
I've heard that there are many distributions of Linux and that some of them have a user's environments that look like windows system, such as Linux Mint.

my question is: In which kind of Linux are all these codes and directories showed above used?

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