I want to settle down on a Linux distro


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I'm fairly new to Linux distros, and although I have superficial knowledge about most of them, I can't manage to find a distro that fits me. I've been to these distros that didn't work out:

> Ubuntu was somewhat resource-heavy, although Unity interface was neat.
> Ubuntu MATE and Mint Cinnamon felt like Windows Vista, and oh boy do I hate Windows Vista.
> Manjaro kept ignoring my internet drivers and I really need wireless internet. (was really sweet though!)
> Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Lubuntu just didn't do it for me.
> Arch installation was so hard, I could barely partition the disk lol. That shit ain't user-friendly

My computer (Macbook Air from early-2014) will be mostly for desktop usage and gaming with low-spec indies. I will also be using it for education purposes and to surf the internet. I'm looking for a user-friendly distro, but I also want the terminal to be useful so over time I can learn about what I'm using. I want to become ze powur usah so I can flex on my friends. Also I have plenty of experience with Windows7/10 and a little with Mac, but I don't necessarily want sth that feels like those OSs.

What do you think would be the most optimal distro for my usage? Ty in advance!


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It looks like you've tried out quite a few there..

I think what you're not seeing, however, is that you can use any desktop interface on any of those distros. I've been using Linux for about 20 years and have settled on two distros;
- CentOS - I use this exclusively on servers.. software package mgt using rpm/yum ..
- Ubuntu - I use this mostly on desktop/laptop, but have started to use it in servers as well.. uses apt for package management.

I like to stick to these two since these are the top 2 in the commercial industry - so I can keep up with any changes, etc..

On servers, i'm not using a desktop at all, it's all command line for the ones I build/use.. for desktop/laptop i've landed on one desktop environment: xfce

XFCE is a great, lightweight desktop - and I know I can put it on ubuntu, fedora, arch, anything..

So, i'd suggest pick one distro that you've used in the past.. if ubuntu is too resource-heavy, install a minimal install and just add the things you want afterwards. Then, spend some time trying different desktops and find the one that interests you the most.

Good luck!


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You might try Bodhi Linux. It's based on Ubuntu but has it's own version of Enlightenment. It's very different from Windows and isn't too resource hungry. I used it for a while and liked it quite a bit.

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