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The longer you've been in the computer programming racket, the more you realize your knowledge is but a fraction of what's available to be known. I've been doing this for pay for 28 years (and before that without): There's lots of stuff that is terra incognita to me. I never knew some of that existed, or only just had a dim idea of it.

Just keep learning, it's what makes the field so fascinating. It's like an onion - everytime you peel back a layer, you find another layer underneath (and then you cry).


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Anyway, I moved now, but at my previous residence, I joined a site called malwareup.org, and was not on there for long until I got into a debate with multiple Windows fanboys about Linux, and..... Some of them DOXed me, and I KNOW the Admin of the Website gave them my IP, so they learned where I lived..... They can find out what I post by doing a simple Google search now..... Anyway, when they found out where I lived, I bluffed them by pretending I was behind a proxy, which resulted in an Admin BANNING me..... Geez..... Well, this was a WHILE ago now, but still..... Could they find out where I now live without the help of an Admin.....?
You can try using some new proxies to access the site.

Here is the best list of proxy. Try them out. http://www.gizmobase.com/lists/110-best-free-proxy-server-list-20153/23/


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I like how things go from 2014 to 2017... its kind of funny to me... the user probably posted a picture that had the geo-location info in it and got an almost completely accurate street location for the user. Its a cyber stalker skill that is all to easy for anyone to do, and with social media now its even worse than it was in 2014.
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