How to easily fix problems with the sound for newbies

This post should be prefaced with something like "for those who use pulseadio" or something like that. Not everybody uses pulseaudio (like me) and I can see newbies who don't know anything, and not using pulseaudio, trying this and wondering why it doesn't work.

For people who experience pulseaudio not starting up upon login, all you have to do is run:

systemctl --user restart pulseaudio

Do not use sudo, it must be run as standard user
I have to agree with Crippled2013 & ron.alan. Indeed, not everybody uses PulseAudio.....Puppy has never really subscribed to it, and apart from a few re-masters briefly flirting with it, our members already have their sights on its replacement.....PipeWire (along with WirePlumber).

Apart from briefly using PulseAudio during my distro-hopping days (and hating it!), I am - and always have been - a 'straight' ALSA man. Far from making audio management easier, all PA has ever done is to add a plethora of additional mouse-clicks to get anything done. It adds another layer of complexity, and insulates the user even further from the actual mechanics of Linux audio. Thank you again, Lennart Poettering!

(I will add here that I DO understand one of the main reasons PA - and now PipeWire - have come onto the scene the way they have. Mostly - despite what the devs might profess - it's to make things easier in order to attract more new users. While I agree with this reason, I still don't like the way it's been implemented...)


I haven't yet looked at PipeWire. My understanding is that it works along similar lines to the JACK audio server.......where you literally draw a line between two components in a window to make those items work together? (I'm probably wrong, so correct me if that's the case.)

Mike. ;)
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