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How long have you used Linux?

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by Rob, Oct 28, 2011.


How long have you used Linux?

  1. Less than 1yr

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  2. 1-3yrs

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  3. 4-7yrs

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  4. 8-10yrs

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  5. Over 10yrs

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  1. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    Looks like I am the LInux newbie here. I knew about Linux long ago but never felt the need to migrate to it. Only when my Windows crashed too many times due to virus infection did I make the move. Haven't regretted it, in the least.

  2. jonman_t

    jonman_t Guest

    Im fairly new to linux. Got bt4 about a year ago for jokes. I had it on a usb stick. Eventually made it persistent. Slowly started getting more interested in it and installed it to hard disk. Now have a dual boot on my netbook. Bt5 and winxp. Im still a giant n00b but im pretty comfortable with the user interface. Now trying to learn command line.
  3. Lorgoyf

    Lorgoyf Guest

    a few weeks now, but only sparingly as I don't always have the time to figure out new stuff
  4. carbon333

    carbon333 Guest

    Wow, I feel old when I think about it. It's over ten years and counting. I had a small episodes with FreeBSD a couple of years ago too.
  5. I used Linux in 2005 and started with SUSE Linux 10.0 that same year and even purchased a consumer copy of SUSE Linux 10.1, but then I kind of stopped using it for a while. I got back in around openSUSE 11.0 when I purchased my next retail copy.
  6. blackneos940

    blackneos940 Guest

    Have they changed their policy at all.....? :D Well, I hear some people are still using MS-DOS..... In 2015!!..... D: Well, as a geeky side thing, maybe..... But these are on Hospital Networks!..... D:
  7. blackneos940

    blackneos940 Guest

    I used Ubuntu as my first Distro back in 2012, though I almost installed it in 2011, yet got worried and stopped WUBI (I was using Windows 7 at the time, and had just heard about this "Ubuntu" thing)..... :) Though I was scared I would mess up my Computer..... :D Oh, how simple I was back then..... :3 Now I poop out Code.... :3
  8. unixfish

    unixfish Guest

    I still consider myself a "johhny come lately". I started researching Linux back in 1993 or 1994 before kernel 1.0 was released, but did not install a distribution on one of my machines until about 12 years ago (Suse on a Dell laptop). I have been using Linux on my personal device ever since. Since then, I have gone from Suse to Ubuntu to Mint. I have been on Mint for about three years now.
  9. I started using Linux back in 1995. At University for my research project I ran simulations, which would take a week or more to complete. At first I used Windows, which fell over almost daily. Then I was introduced to Linux. I forget the distribution name, perhaps Debian or Red Hat.

    It was really quite exiting, just going through the process of building a kernel to take best advantage of the CPU, then installing and fixing drivers for sound cards etc... But best of all, the simulation code ran up three faster on Linux (Same CPU) and then it would go for months at a time without a reboot. Brilliant.
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  10. Marc Arribas

    Marc Arribas Guest

    When I had 12, a dude teach me how to crack with aircrack-ng in Wifiway. When I had 13, I decide to install Ubuntu in my notebook in order to learn more about hacking. Now I have 19, Gentoo in laptops, desktops, servers...
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  11. rstanley

    rstanley Guest

    Believe it or not, while teaching the C Programming Language at NYU, in 1991, and reading the USENET message newsgroups, I read the first message from Linus Torvalds, on August 25th. I believe it was cross-posted to several newsgroups. I experimented with it a few years later, then seriously started using it starting in 2000. I have been using it as my primary O/S ever since! See: Linus Torvalds, First Post
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  12. VP9KS

    VP9KS Guest

    Back in the dos days:eek:, (I don't remember what year, but I think it was somewhere the in the 90s) I picked up a multiple cd set of different software. Among it was Mandrake, Red Hat, Slackware, and some others that I can't remember. I played around with red Hat (remember the old GNOME desktop?) and slackware. Later I tried Red Hat 6, and then 9 (in 2012), but I didn't really get serious about it until WIN XP neared end of life. I ordered the 6 disk set of Slackware 14, and then the fun really started!:p:p I have been replacing windows programs with Linux programs ever since, with a very few exceptions. I have Slackware, 2 or 3 flavors of Puppy, red Hat, Mint Cinnamon, etc on drive caddies for 4 different computers, and all are on a USB KVMA switch. 3 of them are running right now. What a GAS!:):):):):)
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  13. VP9KS

    VP9KS Guest

    I have an old WIFILINK USB wireless adapter that I used with XP, and could not get Puppy, or Slackware to even see it:(:(. 32 bit Mint Cinnamon took off with it and ran as soon as I plugged it in.:):D No hesitation at all, I was on line less than 10 seconds after I plugged it into the USB port.:cool::cool:
  14. CatOnZipline

    CatOnZipline Guest

    Daaaang everyone's either a Linux noob or a Linux pro. Im a nub huehue
  15. unixfish

    unixfish Guest

    Yep - it does seem to be a crowd of extremes. Welcome to the boards - we are all friendly and love to help. I have been using for some time (wait, that didn't sound right), a UNIX admin in the past, but recently am using Linux as a workstation for developing solutions for clients. I have not done as much admin work, and I sort of miss it, but at some point I had to stop playing and make some money. I am still a tinkerer at heart, but I just don't dive quite as deep anymore.
  16. VP9KS

    VP9KS Guest

    Naw, I'm not a pro, but I have learned a few things:):):p:D. The journey is the thing!

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