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How long have you used Linux?

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by Rob, Oct 28, 2011.


How long have you used Linux?

  1. Less than 1yr

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  2. 1-3yrs

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  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    How long ago did you start using Linux?

  2. gcawood

    gcawood Guest

    The first Linux server that I administered was a brand new Cobalt RaQ2. I loved that server.

    Those were the good-old-days...
  3. jdmuskrat

    jdmuskrat Guest

    dabble in linux for several years now but not completely sold on it. will keep playing with it though.
  4. I have slowly progressed from SuSE to Ubuntu to Mint over the last 13 years. But I have also tried pretty much every distro out there. No more MS Windows in my house, but they still make me use corporate XP at work.:(
  5. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Oops.. never answered my own question..

    I started using linux in or around 96. I do remember that it was Red hat 3.0.3 - and have used pretty much everything since then bouncing back and forth with Debian, Slackware, other RPM type distros, etc.. and landing on CentOS as a favorite as a server OS.

    I'm still torn between fedora and ubuntu for a desktop distro though..
  6. DeeNeely

    DeeNeely Guest

    I started out with Red hat around 2001 and now I run Ubuntu and Debian.
  7. sdavied

    sdavied Guest

    Started about 4 years ago. Our lead IP engineer needed a network monitoring system set up. I had zero Linux experience, but I wanted the task. I set up and now maintain our Nagios/Cacti server, email servers (clustering), and just about anything that has Linux stamped on it. I'm kind of a one-man show here.

    Four years later I consider myself the Linux 'guru' for our company. I am by no means a 'guru', though. I just love the problem solving that comes with Linux administration.

    Oh, and +1 for the CentOS server OS. That has become my company's 'official' Linux server OS.
  8. tomfmason

    tomfmason Guest

    I started in 98 or 99 with an old Redhat. For my personal servers and desktop I use debian/ubuntu based distros(debian,backtrack) but for clients I generally stick with CentOS. Most of them ask for CentOS but I always try to talk them into using debian.
  9. enhu

    enhu Guest

    Its been 2 years since that time I have first installed fedora 11 Leonidas, its their KDE version of F11 that I've learned to use command line interface following the tutorials from CBT Nuggets :D The computer now is getting old and It now don't work with Fedora Gnome as it requires resources like Ubuntu.

    I now end up using BodhiLinux and Puppy linux. :D
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  10. About a year and a half now. I started using Knoppix and I loved it, but was sad that I couldn't install it. So I experimented with a ton of other distros until I found Ubuntu, which I used for a long time. After that I fell in love with OpenSUSE and have been using it ever since, though I did install the latest version of Ubuntu to check out what's new ;)
  11. justdiva

    justdiva Guest

    I'm a total newbie and still learning the basics. I don't regret taking the plunge and wish that I'd done it so much sooner. I'm not a programmer, but I feel comfortable enough navigating around it. :)
  12. legacyboy

    legacyboy Guest

    About a month ago, I found a scrapped gateway tower in the street while walking the dog(sometimes it's good to live in a college town). I drove by in the dead of night and it was still there, so i tossed it in the back seat, thinking that there might still be some RAM in there I could hi-jack. I opened it and found 4 gigs of ram... Googled the model number and found it had a quad core processor. Only things missing were an optics cable and a hard drive:so, picked up and optics cable for $5 and tossed in an old 40g hard drive...Only thing missing was an OS, so I made a boot disc of natty...just couldn't get it to load properly. By the time I went back to try burning another disc, it was now Ubuntu 11.10--it worked flawlessly!!

    It works so good in fact, that I picked up a new mouse, keyboard, and 20.5" LED monitor for $120 and I use it for everything except work(u know, MS Office...) and for iTunes. I'm using it right now.

    the compatibility with other hardware is fantastic, with the exception of a netgear wireless adapter... the model is listed as sometimes compatible, and this is not one of those times. After messing with the kernel unwrapper for longer than I care to admit, I gave up and headed to Amazon where i gleefully found a panda for $8 that, after plugging it in, was listing networks for me before I got back to the monitor...awesome!! And NO software to load!!

    I'm currently running 4 Os's in my house, XP on my original desktop, Windows 7 on the netbook, iOS5 on the iPod and ubuntu11.10 on this resurrected box.

    iPod is another matter altogether; iTunes just will not work thru wine or playonlinux or any of the other conversion methods I've followed on other forums.

    Overall, I am most impressed with Linux considering my limited knowledge and experience, so far.
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  13. MacUsers

    MacUsers Guest

    My first ever Linux box was Slackware (I don't how many of you have heard of it), back in 1997/98. And then, I started practicing RedHat roughly about the same time and the first version I can remember, was 3.5 or something. Good old days - use to take a almost a week a figure out right H/W, to start with, and then almost day to install and set it up. Sometimes even a week, if I had to do anything to setup a Java runtime environment. These days I mostly use RHEL, CentOS and SL at work and CentOS (and OS X) for home and Ubuntu for Media Center (XBMC). Long live Penguin!!
  14. MustangV10

    MustangV10 Guest

    Probably around 5 months now. Not long I know, but in that time I've come rather far, I'm not an expert, but I know most of the basic Linux commands.
  15. red

    red Guest

    I'm a Computer Science student, and was first introduced to Linux last year, under CentOS. I currently have a job in industry where they let me pretty much play around with a few different Red Hat and CentOS boxes. But, it's my job to fix them if I break them, so most of my questions will probably be related to that. Otherwise, I switch between Windows 7 and Mint at home. I'd like to do solely Mint, but I play a lot of video games, and there isn't a Steam client for Linux =\ I have been becoming interested in Fedora and might give it a spin eventually.
  16. Tetractys

    Tetractys Guest

    Started with Slackware 2.1 in '94 used as sendmail box on a powerful Pentium 33 Mhz :cool:
    I'm an old fan of GNOME. Up to now. I don't like version 3.x of it (since i just have a smartphone...) Now i'm running xubuntu 11.10 with XFCE. Last Micro50ft seen at my home was in 2001. ;)
    I'm Mint-curious. Will test it soon(tm).
  17. michiganbob

    michiganbob Guest

    Puppy Linux is awesome. It's saved my butt when Windows decides it can't read my crappy old hard drives any more! :D
  18. Jesi

    Jesi Guest

    My first distro was Mandrake 7.2

    I'm not sure how long ago that was but I'm sure it wasn't that long ago in comparison to those who are from the "compile it yourself" days.

    Have you considered installing and running GNOME2 instead of Unity? I'm sure there are old Ubuntu-Desktop debs somewhere or purhaps an old repository?

    I have Unity, giving it a chance though I always run a Gnome2 Panel on the bottom of my screen. :)
  19. Skaperen

    Skaperen Guest

    I started in 1993 with SLS. Later I moved to Slackware and have been loving it since, even while also doing other Linux distributions (also using Ubuntu now).
  20. Phoenix

    Phoenix Guest

    I had my first go with Turbo Linux back in '98. It was sold on the shelves and didn't like the branding of RedHat or Mandrake.

    Tested and booted... it worked but I couldn't get X to start. Since I am an ethical hacker, I got rid of lilo and the install.

    5 years down the road, looked back and tried again with Slackware. Worked pretty darn tootin' and thought it had advanced.

    4 years later, I see a distro called Ubuntu and thought "what a crock." Yeah.

    It's pretty serious.

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