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We are trying to improve the speed of http://www.efacility.in/. This loads in 7 to 8 seconds and has high TTFB. We are trying the possibility to load this in 3 to 4 seconds. We are using PHP 7 . We are using windows server 2012 (VPS cloud plan). We are also using CDN. Could you please suggest will it be good to move to Linux server.

What we have done already is as below

To check the TTFB issue we created a demo site https://www.efacility.in/demo-wp/. This is just a default WP source with total cache plugin and nothing more than that. This also has high TTFB. We checked with WP forum, they said that at the WordPress level apart from configuring cache plugin we cannot do anything else and need to check with hosting support. Ref link: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/high-ttfb/. We checked with our hosting support and they said that there is no issues in hosting server side


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I would say as long as you have someone on your team that can administer a Linux machine, you should absolutely make the switch from windows server to Linux. For a server, i'd recomment CentOS .. though, there are a number of Ubuntu server fans rising up :)

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