Hello Linux Nerds

Hello world...

this is the third forum I have joined. The first one was about a car and the second ons about a computer game.

I am Rainer, 57, German, having learned some UNIX in a course and used it a bit (6 months) at work as a normal user. I have a university degree in computer-science and was working as an IT-specialist for more than 30 years.

Privately, I've used only Windows-PCs and Mac. I really believe that with using mainstream stuff you don't do anything wrong and consequently I tried to stay away from the Linux world.

Currently, I need to buy new hardware and I am considering to get a new desktop with Linux (probably Ubuntu because I don't hear too many complaints... again, my mainstream thinking) installed. If I would choose to do so, I will probably become a pretty active member of this forum and I am looking forward to get in contact with other nerds to exchange ideas.
Welcome Rainer greetings from Germany :) .

Welcome to Linux.org-:)

Like Brickwizard said, why limit yourself.

The beauty of trying Linux is you can use a virtual machine and try all the Linux distro's you'd like to help you decide which one you want to install. OR> run Linux Live on a thumb drive.


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