Hello from the UK


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Hey all!
I'm Jason. A fairly long-standing member of the old Linux.org website. Anybody from the old site probably knows me already.

For those who don't know - I play drums for a UK metal band called Kinasis. I also work as an Analyst/Programmer for a 3D CAD/CAM software company. And I've been a Linux user for more years than I could be bothered to count. I enjoy tinkering with Linux and free software in general. And I look forward to attempting to solve any interesting Linux, free-software, or programming related problems that you might have!


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Thanks Stan and Paul.
Great to see some familiar faces too. I'm just hoping that the extended downtime from the previous owners of the site hasn't permanently driven away too many of the other active members we had here.
If we can get a few more of them back, we'll have the site buzzing again in no time!

Gutted to have lost all the old content though - I used to refer to a lot of the old posts... It saved me having to remember too many things! XD

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