Fresh Arch Install: Can no longer clone from AUR


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May 14, 2022
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Yesterday, I installed Arch, and I managed to successfully install a few packages (Zoom, among them) from the AUR. Note I shutdown and restarted my computer successfully a few times yesterday, and I managed to install all the packages from the AUR after my initial session on Arch
But today, I tried to install Konsole from the AUR, but when I did
git clone
I got the following message:
Cloning into 'konsole'...
fatal: repository 'https://apps.kde/konsole' not foun
The same thing happened with xterm:
git clone
Cloning into 'xterm'...
fatal: repository '' not found
As a side note, the reason I want to install Konsole is because I can't copy or paste anything involving the terminal, either from the terminal, to the terminal, or within the terminal. Hence, my output could be slightly off.

EDIT: Please excuse my foolishness, and if a mod could delete this thread it would be great. I made an obvious mistake.
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AUR PKGBUILDS use as a domain to clone the git repo from. In your example of konsole that would be the following since there is no plain konsole package in the AUR. Looks like you are using the upstream url instead of the aur repo url.
git clone
Why not just install the konsole and xterm packages from the default repos with pacman?
pacman -S konsole xterm
you can copy from terminal using highlight then ctl +c ; to paste ctl ,alt , shift v

also terminator allows right click copy and paste

community/terminator 2.1.1-3
install with sudo pacman -S terminator
Yes, my mistake. I realized that myself, and I have no issues as stands since I did that. As I stated earlier, a mod should feel free to remove this rather foolish post. I obviously should have paid more attention.

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