1. N

    fatal: unable to auto-detect email address (got 'root@pegasusv.(none)')?

    pegasus@pegasusv:/linux_work/linux_stable$ sudo git commit -a [sudo] password for pegasus: Author identity unknown *** Please tell me who you are. Run git config --global "[email protected]" git config --global "Your Name" to set your account's default identity. Omit...
  2. TitleChanQWERTY

    Made a terminal game in Java: Names Adriana.System

    Hello everyone The other day I made a game in the terminal using only Java This game is quite simple both in terms of gameplay and code I tried to make something like a CRPG well I don't know I don't think I got something good but anyway: Here is the Game Repository on GitHub:)...
  3. A

    Fresh Arch Install: Can no longer clone from AUR

    Yesterday, I installed Arch, and I managed to successfully install a few packages (Zoom, among them) from the AUR. Note I shutdown and restarted my computer successfully a few times yesterday, and I managed to install all the packages from the AUR after my initial session on Arch But today, I...
  4. Trenix25

    Questions and issues

    I downloaded a C compiler for my tablet from the Play Store called C4droid. It cost $3. It locally compiles and runs a C program. The set up of an Android system is a problem though. I feel like I'm living in a tiny little box and every time I try to move to do anything I bump in to a wall...