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Feb 8, 2023
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I want to know that which version is good for begginers of Linux. I see several versions but dont know what to download

Welcome to the forums, If you read the many replies to this or similar questions, you will have seen the answer,
There is NO best distribution, only the best for you, the one you like the look and feel of, the one that allows you to do your daily task in comfort and the one that works best on your machine.
So please give us a bit more information, what is your machine [make and full model number] what are your main tasks
Hello @abiramkumar,
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I would recommend Mint or Ubuntu also. But if you have a few 4gb USB sticks you could try several live sessions and see which one works best on your hardware and suit your tastes.
Linuxmint is very beginner friendly. Also the community is very open and helpful to new users
Probably best to avoid rolling release distros and stick with stable long term support (LTS) releases from Mint, Xubuntu or Ubuntu MATE. To me. Ubuntu itself seems a bit of an odd-ball on the desktop due to its Gnome 'smartphone style' interface.
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Many people ask this question and the answer is...what you like best.

Two user friendly Distros are Linux Mint and Linux Lite...both run very well...good luck.
This might help you finding/choosing one:
Like Brickwizard said in post #3 knowing your machine specs will help us to help you.

Knowing how much RAM is important too.

LM 21
System requirements are low, with a minimum of 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended), 20GB of storage, and a 64-bit processor required for installation.

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