Fedora40 released today.


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May 3, 2019
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Supposedly this will be the last release with Gnome as the default desktop. You can still download it as a spin in 41.

Supposedly this will be the last release with Gnome as the default desktop.

The link doesn't specify. I could possibly root through search engine results, I suppose.

To save me a few bits, what's going to be the new default DE?
There was a request by some developers on Fedora to move to KDE as the default. It's only a preposal and has not been acted on yet so will be seen it if survives the process. I was testing Fedora 40 KDE 6 it's quite good. But still have some ruff edges I suspect they may have gotten fixed before final was released though.

Thanks for the information.

I guess those are good reasons to switch. It seems a bit disruptive, but the GNOME spin will be available for those who prefer it. However, I thought GNOME satisfied those requirements already, including the Wayland support. I guess, in reality, I don't pay that much attention to GNOME's development. I know that Ubuntu, which is GNOME, defaults to Wayland already and has for a while.

Still, sometimes disruption is a good thing.
The Fedora Spins are pretty good. I doubt the default DE is going to matter much.
Right now I'm running the Fedora i3 spin while I wait out some Arch nvidia shenanigans. I'm actually surprised with the nouveau driver's quality. Usually I install the dkms/akmod drivers but I don't think I will this time.