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May 31, 2020
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Mint 19 won't recognize dvd's as read/write. I'm new and don't know where to look.

I am using an external Asus BluRay burner with OpenSUSE distro and I just use the Files finder window to burn files to a disk.

Does a disc icon show up in your finder window at all?

I'm pretty new to Linux. Hopefully other people with more experience will chime in.
Yes...the discs do show up with the proper id. Both show R/W when I go to "computer" icon.
G'day bill, and Welcome to linux.org

It is many years since I used a dvd/cd etc

What are you trying to do with the dvd.....(this might help prompt my memory)
I would like to use DVD to copy pictures and to copy from one DVD to the other.
Have you given any thought to using thumb drives (usb sticks, pen drives...) ?

They hold a lot more pics, and are generally easier to use.

If the dvd is seen in "computer", have you double clicked on it there to attempt to open it .......that may show you what is already on the dvd........if you have a pic you wish to transfer to the dvd then you would right click on the pic and select 'move to'...or 'copy to' ...dvd (the dvd may have a different name to identify it../? )

Sorry if I appear to be grasping at straws here......but I am !....I dont have a working dvd draw on this tower to experiment with.....so I am having difficulty giving precise instruction !
I do use thumb drives for a lot of purposes...Still need for the DVD's to work.
The default environment that came with the software.....its got the green M on it.
Does 'tara' mean anything?
Bottom left hand corner of screen...click on 'Menu'.....then type in 'Welcome Screen'

It will tell you at the top of the opening window...
The reason I ask about the desktop environment is because with both my Linux and Mac computers that is all that I use to burn files to a disk. But I don't think that you are using the same file browser as me. I think the Cinnamon desktop environment is standard for Mint. Cinnamon uses Nemo for its file browser. I'm sure it would have the same functionality as any other Linux file browser.

In both my Mac and Linux computers a burn button shows up in the top left corner of the file window after I click on the disk icon in the file window.

When you have a disk inserted in the drive and you right click on a file that you want to burn is there a 'Burn to disk' option?
I guess in my last comment I was assuming that you wanted to burn files. But maybe you just want to see files from a burned disk?

I installed Mint as a VM using Paralles on my Mac. It didn't let me choose a desktop environment, it just defaulted with Cinnamon.

In the first attached screenshot it shows the empty disk in the file browser. Does the disk icon show up on yours like this?


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@billdriver ...on your desktop, double click on 'Home'........then in left hand column, look for Devices.....just below that should be similar to Jace's
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Yes...they both show up. I can read a disc on both....I can't write to them.
Do yourself a favour and get a GUI.

If using Gnome Desktop use something like Brasero.

sudo apt install brasero