Potentially stupid remark (Please excuse!)...

Have you managed to burn a DVD from that drive before?

I have Lenovo. It is possible to fit a DVD read only or a DVD read/write. The end of my tray clearly says DVD Multi Recorder CD-RW

It's a dual boot system with Win 7. Everything works fine under windows. I can write to both drives with windows. Mint even recognizes the drives as R/W until you try to write to them. I am thinking that I need the Linux device drivers to make them work.
Have you got wodim?

wodim allows you to create CDs or DVDs on a CD/DVD recorder.
It supports writing data, audio, mixed, multi-session, and CD+ disc and DVD
data and video disks on DVD capable devices, on just about every type of
CD/DVD recorder out there.
Bottom left hand corner of screen...click on 'Menu'.....then type in 'Welcome Screen'

It will tell you at the top of the opening window...

Just for accuracy, that is "bottom right of the opening window", with Tara, as below



@billdriver -- arochester is trying to get an answer as to whether or not you can write a CD using the command line program termed wodim. It is peculiar to Debian and Debian-derived distros and comes in handy when situations such as your current one develop.

Just follow the tutorial within the link I have provided. I hope it helps and results in your ability to write a CD or DVD. Please get back to the forum in either case -- yes or no.
If wodim doesn’t work you could try installing xfburn. I just installed it today to burn some Blu-ray backups. It worked great! Since you mentioned that you are new type this in your terminal:
sudo apt-get install xfburn

Once it’s done installing type xfburn again into your terminal to start the program

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