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Jul 7, 2021
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How do I get rid of them?

When I googled it the only option I saw was to delete the Application folder. I tried that and it made no difference.
I could time shift to before I installed the software in question. But then I'd have to re-install everything else and update. So I'm looking for other options first.

Screenshot from 2021-11-20 14-17-48.png

Timeshift it.....possibly your Timeshift snapshots need to be closer together. (keep snapshots on an external hard drive)
Updating is not a problem...couple of clicks and have a coffee etc....you probably won't even finish the coffee

Is there a configuration option in Okular ? there may be a solution there

Which version of Linux Mint are you using?...20.2 ?

You can always remove Okular and then reinstall

How did you install it?
I am running Linux Mint 20.1 (ulyssa 64 bit).

I installed it through the software manager.

Yes if I uninstall it the issue goes away. But if I re-install it returns. Why so many entries? Is this normal? Or is the install corrupted? My system?

It has not asked/prompted me yet for 20.2.
Why so many entries...no idea

Is this normal....No

Is the install corrupted Maybe

I can only say this one of those glitches that defies explanation.

I just installed it from Software Manager, and the open with menu behaves as expected...just one instance of Okular there.

You can also Install the Flathub version from Software Manager.....that gives you the latest version.


It has not asked/prompted me yet for 20.2.
Open Update Manager, Click on edit (i think)....the process of updating to 20.2 starts there.
It is a relatively pain free process.

Be sure you have a Timeshift Snapshot, before you start the upgrade.

It is a good idea to also have a full backup
From my reading of the thread, it's a bug - probably not one we can resolve here - and should be reported as such to the appropriate project page.
I uninstalled it and then install the flathub version no issues. All seems well.

So in the future if I see a flathub version of something I wish to install I should go for that of the other? What does flathub mean? I'm new to Linux if you haven't guessed. I like it so far though :).
Flatpaks are one (of a few) of the ways to install software (and dependencies) across multiple distros without having to package it for each separate distro. It's meant to be a universal way to install software on Linux.

Most people suggest a preference for software in your official repositories. I too support that suggestion.
The reason I thought it was a mint issue was because I have two other applications installed with similar issues (one come installed by mint itself).

I do not recall having these issues when running 20.0. Although can't be sure.
what are those apps?
Filebot and Rhythmbox.

Rhythmbox was installed with mint. Both have duplicate issues (2 each).
Did you have any problems with the initial install of Linux?

have you looked in Update Manager for the upgrade to Linux Mint 20.2?
Just a thought....have look at alternativeto ....there are 1000's of Linux apps there that may save you a hardish install in the future

I had know issues with my initial install that I noticed. But then again I did not notice the duplicate entries right away. So I can not say for certain how long they were there.

I update to 20.2 already.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions.
It would appear the bugs have transferred with the upgrade to 20.2

I would uninstall Rhythmbox, and reinstall from software manager.

A good alternative to Rhythmbox is Deadbeef, also available in Software Manager. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once it is set up, it is quite good.

i would also reinstall filebot....although that alternativeto link I gave you lists a few tv show renamers that are probably worth a look.
Also here: https://alternativeto.net/software/name-my-tv-series/
It is a good policy to install all updates as they appear

it is also good policy to keep a couple of Timeshift snapshots for those moments when something heads south
In the last day or so mint has done some updates to some of the programs is uses and the problem seems to be fixed.

Those are some of my favorite 'fixes'. "Updated. Problem resolved itself."

It often means the system works. Someone, somewhere, probably filed a bug report. Devs saw it, confirmed it existed, found out why, changed the code, and disseminated the fixed code.

It's one of the reasons I suggest that we're all obligated to report bugs when we find them. As users, we too have obligations.
We need a dedicated page.....giving url's for the report pages of the various distros

No, I am not volunteering.
We need a dedicated page.....

I might be able to do something. It's gonna be a minute, as I have a lot on my plate and that sounds like numerous hours worth of work.

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