Distro Candidates: MX vs. AntiX, which is best for the following purpose?

And you apparently have an appreciative lot to give them to!

Actually, it varies. There used to be two other guys locally who also refurbished and gave away computers (one died and the other moved away). We would compare notes and a common complaint was a lack of gratitude or even politeness among donees. If one of us offered a machine up many responses were to the effect of "give it to me," without any please or thank you. None of us were looking for money or groveling, a simple thanks would do.

But there are days that make it worthwhile. A mom had asked me for a machine for her kid. Mom, granddad and a little girl showed up to pick up the machine. She was so small and gracious, she hugged my leg (her being quite young) and said, "thank you sooo much." Many of these people have very little and a computer is otherwise out of their reach.

I figure, get as many of these machines out to kids, moms, vets, and then reclaim some shelf space. At least some folks will have a basic machine.
Yes, something like that makes up for a lot of disappointment!
UPDATE: Have tried loading MX19, AntiX19, Bodhi and eLive. Even after a deep antivirus scan of HDD and downloaded ISOs, kept getting SARDU bootloader, but no ISO with MX19 and Bodhi downloads.

eLive looked interesting as did AntiX, but upon reboot after install, glitches.

All on the same testbed machine. Loaded Q4OS 32bit and, aside from failing to load drivers for a PCMCIA wifi card, it did recognize a USB WLAN dongle, loaded the intermediate desktop, and then the Windows theme without a hitch. Gorgeous.

ADDENDUM #2: The machines reached the kids in Panama and word has it they are thrilled. They had nothing else otherwise.

Please @q4osteam, your q4os / ubuntu distro is needed in 32 bit. I've got more hardware which is junk here, but gold to kids overseas. Vielen dank im Voraus!
That's wonderful news for the kiddies, Hal :)

Let us know in a new Thread if you wish to try some of those failed Distros again, and we'll try to step you through a solution.

Cheers and


Thanks Cap'n.

As it is, I'm kind of in a crunch hurry to get a machine ready to go out the door (I'm using it now to write this post, so, even though it's got LESS than one gig of recognized RAM, it's moving around the Net at a comfortable rate.) Business will be opening again in earnest and I won't have as much time to go mucking about (English) / noodling (American) with Linux.

It'll be a good, basic machine for kids. Just don't try to use it for gaming or working with High Energy Physics problems.

But, in due time, I'll circle back and see if AntiX 19.1 - 386 or MX19 Legacy will better fill the bill.

Thanks once again.

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