Disks or Gparted?


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Sep 23, 2018
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Disks or Gparted best for mint 21.1? or ok to load both ?

Do you mean to have them both installed...????

No problem at all
I use them both

Gparted is unequalled for setting up partitions, extending them etc etc

Disks is used for different purposes.......i use it to make a disk image of my ssd.....and also for general informational purposes.....I have also used it at times to edit mount options of a particular drive.
As @Condobloke has said I also use both on my Mint install but they are for different purposes. Gparted is the best at managing partitions. And I use it for that purpose. Disks is good for creating a disc image and saving it. I have both installed.
The Disk Utility in Mint can be used for many things...you don't need to install it as it's part of Mint by default and is a very handy tool.

As for Gparted...I don't create partitions so I have no use for it.
Use the one you like. The 'Disks' in Mint is 'Gnome-Disks'.

They both work, albeit in different ways and with different features.

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