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I got mine and Te's via a pharmacy, approx 45km from home

More reliable than the doctors


Australia recorded more than 28,000 excess deaths between January 2022 and July 2023, he says. "These are unheard of numbers, people who wouldn't have otherwise died, let alone the hundreds of thousands in hospital — we don't know exactly because no one publishes the numbers." Then there are the hundreds of millions globally with long COVID, the risk of which increases with each infection. "I find what we know about COVID concerning enough to call it an elevated public health crisis," Professor Crabb says. "And we need sustainable solutions to that now and in the longer term."

""The lack of action against COVID, Professor Crabb says, is fundamentally a problem of a lack of leadership. "The most common thing said to me is, 'Brendan, I really do trust what you and others are saying. But if there was a real problem the prime minister, the government, would be telling us that'," he says. "I don't think people are all of a sudden profoundly individualistic and don't care about COVID anymore — that they're suddenly willing to take massive risks and hate the idea of vaccines and masks. I just don't think they're being well led on this issue."
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Australia, and any country in the world which had a covid problem (all of them)

This is a must read.

N95 masks:
They do, however, prevent a lot of transmission. Studies from before and during the pandemic suggest masking among healthcare workers can reduce hospital-acquired respiratory viral infections by about 60 per cent — though the type of mask matters. As one study found, well-fitted N95 respirators are 75 times more effective than surgical masks when both an infectious person and a susceptible person wear them. Yet many hospitals have scaled back masking requirements, even during COVID surges over summer, with staff allowed to wear surgical masks in clinical areas or no respiratory protection at all.
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