Computers Have Been Gradually Going Against the Unix Philosophy

i'll keep an eye out for his books, in the thrift shops - or maybe I will get a digital copy

I came across this thread again recently, and now I realize it really was a pointless one to begin with. I wasn't thinking about DRM-free media at the time, and nostalgia and personal preferences were clouding my ability to think rationally about the topic.

I obviously got some flack for what I said previously, and I'll probably get some now for taking this long to realize where I went wrong to begin with, but at least I have the courtesy to admit I was wrong
Made interesting reading this thread,
. . . especially regarding human nature and attitudinal changes over the past 50 years.

I ditched smartphones after the last of four went TU and I was told I would have to buy another with updated Android version.
Now, a laptop is a laptop and a phone a phone (not an overpriced minicomputer)! LOL

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