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Jul 23, 2020
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The next version of Ubuntu will (probably) have a codename of "Jammy Jellyfish".

I suppose I could have written an article and called it a scoop, but I'd look really silly if that wasn't actually the name! Also, that'd be like work. Also, I haven't checked the usual sites to see if they already posted this. It just popped up in one of the dev channels, so we shall see.

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From OMG Ubuntu:
Jammy is an interesting adjective. Broadly speaking it means to be filled with jam (what American’s call jelly) or something that has the consistency of jam. But the word ‘jammy’ is also used informally in the UK to mean someone or something that is very lucky or fortunate, e.g., “that jammy cat had an extra plate of milk!”.

Jellyfish is “a sea creature with a body like jelly and long thin parts called tentacles that can give a sharp sting, according to the Oxford Dictionary.
Lubuntu impish release website has KGIII name as contributors


Yes, yes it does. I worked hard for that name to be on that page. I'm awaiting some formalities and I'll be an official team member of Lubuntu. I could have applied six months ago, but I figured I'd wait and go through another cycle before opting to get even more involved.