Canon imageclass d320 printer driver

Yeah, you shouldn't have to do anything more than the sudo make install part ever again (or at least for a while). Ideally, you shouldn't have to do even that, but I've not looked deeply to see if it includes dkms or if it'll need to be reinstalled after kernel updates like when you install a graphics driver from outside the system like NVIDIA's .run file.
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Not sure how future releases of Lubuntu will be managed ('upgrade' or full install). Or if I shift to a different linux variant, it is unlikely that these drivers will be included. Assuming I still have the printer then, it could be that I will have to repeat this process. Not hard to do if I document the knowledge and process gained here, and retain the links and files needed.
Lubuntu follows the same release pattern as Ubuntu, with long term stable every couple of years and interim releases between them. The LTS are supported for 3 years by the Lubuntu team and the Interim releases get 9 months of support.

If you're already on an interim release, such as 21.04, your next release is coming right up - 21.10. The first number is the year, the second number is the month. The next LTS won't be until 22.04. If you're on 20.04 then you'll not need to upgrade to a new release until 22.04 (other than your regular software updates along the way).

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