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Jan 23, 2024
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I was using Mageia 8, everything was OK. I upgraded to Mageia 9: now, when I start my PC I get a black display with only the mouse cursor ! I from the Mageia forum I understand that the problem comes form NVidia graphic driver which is not compatible with Mageia 9 !!!

Is this a general problem for all Linux distributions ? Which distributions do not have this problem ?


i dont think Linux and NVidia generally play well with eatch other. i do know that Mint has drivers that worked with my NVidia GPU.
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I have zero knowledge re Mageia, but rest assured someone here will have some help for you.

This forum spreads across the world and its members will therefore come online at different times.

Be patient.

In the meantime, may I ask....Did you perform a fresh install?.....or was there an upgrade routine via mageia 8

This is not a general problem for all Linux distributions, although graphics cards do have their fair share of compatibility problems.

I have just read the opening page of mageias', and noticed that they have a mageia control Centre, where, among other things, you can browse and configure hardware.
That may be an avenue for you to peruse.
Also I note that it comes with kernel 6.4.9
If there is another kernel available it may be worth a switch ....becasue the graphics card drivers will be included in the kernel

In most Linux distributions, there. is a Driver Manager included.....usually accessed via the menu

A look in that area may also help. If you were to find such, it may search for and find a more suitable driver

I hope this helps in some way. Mageia looks to be quite a polished distro....impressive.

I will load Mageia 9 to a usb stick and take a closer look, later in my day. it is early morning here in Australia

I will mention a few members names who may be able to help. As they come online they will be informed of this topic's presence.

You do not need to contact them



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The source of my info:

Well worth a read. Very informative
I just found this info: This applies to mageia 9

The area I have highlighted at the bottom may be of interest/doable

Non-working graphics​

By default the Live images allow the display server to automatically configure itself. If you have no graphical display at the end of the boot cycle, try removing noxconf from the boot options in the initial boot menu (press e to edit the boot options), which enables service_harddrake to perform the display configuration. This may also help to force the initial language and locale selection dialogue to be duplicated on each monitor when you have two or more monitors connected, instead of being spread across them.

Some NVIDIA graphics cards don't work properly (or at all) with the free video driver (nouveau). In this case, as well as removing noxconf, try replacing xdriver=free with xdriver=modesetting, or alternatively, try using the non-free (proprietary) drivers by selection directly in the boot menu.

If you don't get a graphical display on a laptop with hybrid graphics, as well as removing noxconf, try replacing xdriver=free with xdriver=intel. This will force the system to use the Intel GPU which often is the one electrically connected to the monitor.
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@Papipio, It is more likely that the problem here is going to be the kernel.

If it will cause difficulty for you to change the current kernel, please speak to the people at this link. This is the Official Support forum for Mageia

@Papipio , rather than trying a different kernel, I would first try what is outlined here

That, in turn, leads to this

In the Mageia article, where it lists all the (Vendor) ATI references, you would be looking at Nvidia references.

At the bottom of the Nvidia list there may be a reference to Xorg. In that case, you could choose the Nouveau driver, which is a generic driver produced by the Linux Community for use of Nvidia machines.

If all else fails, I would follow the advice of @Condobloke above and contact the Mageia forum.

Hope this helps

Chris Turner

With a previous friend’s PC, I was unable to install Mageia 9 with an USB stick. After each installation, I obtained a black display with the mouse cursor. From a discussion on the Mageia Forum, I concluded it was because of the NVidia driver : I tried installations with different driver choices, but none was OK. So I gave back the PC to its owner without the dual boot Windows / Mageia.

For this 2nd PC (which is also a friend’s PC), I got the same result (black screen) by automatic upgrading from Mageia 8 to Mageia 9. I believed it was the same problem, but no !
Today, I installed Mageia 9 with an USB stick : everything is OK, the video interface circuit is an AMD Radeon !

I thank you all for your answers and comments.

For the moment, I have no more problem. But, as I promote Linux in an association, I am about to have some other PCs to upgrade to Mageia 9 … I am not a Linux expert but I reach the goal ! In my PC the only OS is Mageia 9.

Pierre, sounds like a good outcome. :)

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