Better text editor or viewer than Glogg or Cat?


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Ha ha! Thanks!

I'm just a very wordy person. Unecessarily so sometimes. Frustratingly so, in fact!
I think I might be slightly autistic or OCD sometimes.

When submitting patches for code-review at work, my email descriptions often contain significantly more text than the actual changes themselves! And as programmers go, I'm the least qualified and lowest paid member of my team. Thanks for reminding me! DOH!

But I don't have any degrees, just a natural enthusiasm for writing code and solving problems.
And although I don't earn a huge wage, it's reasonable. And there are other benefits:
I'm a part of a small team, with my own spacious office, in a relaxed environment. No dress-code. There's not a huge amount of pressure. And it's in my local area.

I like working for smaller companies like this. I've been there for the last 12 years and don't see myself leaving any time soon.
Since becoming a programmer - I've always worked for startups or smaller companies. But the few times I've had to go to work at larger, parent companies - after a buy-out, or to help out the parent company when they have had problems with their software - I've hated it. It wasn't worth the extra money (in the few cases where it was offered).
Long commutes (sometimes international), long hours, stuck in a cubicle in a hostile environment - people refusing to talk to people from other teams - unrealistic deadlines, dealing with all of the pressure from terrible corporate management decisions etc.

Nope, not a fan of the corporate work environment, city life or travelling at all!

Also, I hated having to wear a tie every day. Getting up and putting a noose around your neck each morning is never a great start to anybody's day is it?! Ha ha!
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No editor is. Not even Notepad++ can open insanely large files with text.
I differ, depending on how you define "insanely large"?

@JasKinasis - Emacs appears to have a limit to RAM only, so with 96 GB RAM, 96 GB.

If the OP is willing to experiment with Trialware, there is

010 Editor


... they added a Text Editor, apparently

Max file size is 8 EiB - unlimited in my books.

Other links are

and I searched under

, that is 010 Editor licence fee, for what it costs after 30 days.




Ah right! So you can't get away with splitting the file whilst you're processing it and then rejoining it afterwards then?! That's a pain.
Without splitting the file - it really only leaves using standard tools like less, grep/ag, sed, awk etc etc.
Which is where I am at. Jobs are coming in hot and heavy so I am slow responding. From a month back till after the first of the year is my busiest time. Everyone now is forced to pull lost data from crashed drives they pulled out where they found that their backup system wasn't working as it should.

I am taking a couple of hours if I can each day to work on this issue. Till then doing it the old way.

I am sure JasKinasis knows my difficulty with sed, awk and others although I am steadily getting better which is why I posted here. I was sure someone here would have a good answer. I just have had little time to implement some of the suggestions. I will, then I will report back. I just hate leaving a post with no activity when I may need to revisit it. THANKS - (High-Five) to you all.


I have played with a lot of things and having some luck. Just what I have found works at times and not others. May increase my ram some. Thank you all for the input.


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Looking for a better text editor or viewer. I have been trying to use Glogg on both my Windows and my Kali. It crashes on each more than 50% of the time. I have resorted to going back to just cat files but this seems so slow. I often am checking server logs and other files that are as large as 200gb on the low end and much larger such as the one today at 526gb. I need to be able to open them as fast as I can which I understand is just so fast that this happens. But like with Glogg I start a file opening and come back to check it 30 min later and it has crashed so I have to do the whole thing again. Spliting the files is something I have stopped doing because putting them back together often leaves a space somewhere which is not wanted.

Any suggestions?
vEdit ( is fast and will open multi-GB files. It is Windows-only, but might run well under Wine.

I used vEdit for many years, back when "cross-platform" meant both CP/M and MS-DOS. I replaced it with Vim when I switched to Linux, but still sometimes miss its speed with large files.


Beginning to understand there are all most as many text editors out here as exceuses my wife has for going to her mom's Thanksgiving day dinner. Shhheeesss.


"Beginning to understand there are all most as many text editors out here as exceuses my wife has for going to her mom's Thanksgiving day dinner. Shhheeesss."
You has lucky having how figure it .... unhappily have times that the truth not is good to be understand.

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