Best linux distribution for beginners

Wubuntu (aka Windows Ubuntu) is a great distrobution for beginners.
You can choose between Windows 11 (KDE Plasma) or Windows 10 (Cinnamon) if you want one of the Windows OS.
It's based on Ubuntu LTS, which is super stable and can let you do whatever you need.
I'm gonna shut up now and give you the download link for the free version.

MOD EDIT: Please see the commentary below before considering this distro as your distro of choice.
Like a few other people have said, if you need Windows, then use Windows, real Microsoft Windows, otherwise why use a Distro that looks like Windows?

The word "beginners" seems misleading to me.

Someone with zero experience using a computer comes to mind.

If I were to try to guide someone to Linux it would be with a "live" system. Any mainstream live Linux will be a good starting point.

Once they learn the basics their willingness to continue would dictate the next level. I would also recommend a live system that can save changes so their experience can grow.

If I were to do it all again I would pick MX Linux first. Great forum, easy snapshot routine and the closest to an installed os while still being "live" that I have found.

Agree, I've been recommending MX Linux for some time now, it's perfect for a newbie/beginner to get to grips with Linux, lots of helpful videos made by the people who put the distro together, so know what they are talking about, very helpful forum too, again frequented by the devs too.
well am enjoyng reading all comments and getting different opinions about linux distribution, it really helping me to get idea about how to buy it
Welcome... a little confusion somewhere, you cannot buy standardised Linux distributions[ there are a few specialist builds that are charged for]
Standard Linux distributions are FREE to download, install ,use,and if you fancy it change to your heart's content.
I apologize if this is beating a dead horse, but I found this video after you locked the thread. I think that anyone considering WindowsFX/LinuxFX/Wubuntu should consider this report, even though it is about a year old now. Okay, I'm done. ;)

Very interesting, I'll pass it on.
Thank you very much!

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