bash or fish for shell?


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I've used bash for the past 20 years or so for my go-to shell because it's the default shell on most linux distributions - at least the ones i've used professionally for work. I wanted to make sure whatever I did on my workstation, i'd be able to mimic across the farm.

Lately, since I now do most work from my laptop/shell, i've been looking around and am trying the fish shell - I admit mostly because of the cool shawdow tab completion feature.. but it seems kind of buggy/sketchy? If I tab complete, it seems to also hit enter sometimes which could be very bad in a production environment.

I'm runing xubuntu on a macbook air.


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I switched on my laptop some time ago to Zshell. There are some advantages with the tab completion but also many different behaviors of the shell. For example "sudo !!" does not work genuinely and with the work around it needs an additional enter to exec the command as sudo. Used to bash I enter usually the sudo password when there's still "sudo <command>" in the prompt. Another thing is, when i press arrow up and entered for example "a", it doesnt go to the previous command but searches for the previous command starting with "a".

Also it feels for me like all those features tend to lead to easier misconfiguration and make the adoption of some bash tutorials more challenging.

I don't want to internalize this differences as that would cause just confusion for me on the 90% bash-installations where the benefits stay on my single zshell laptop. So I guess I will switch back and give bash-it a try.
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Jupp, now bash again. ZSH began to drive me mad. Every time I logged into the console some environment variables where wrong like $ZSH pointed to / instead ~./ which resulted and of course the modules didnt get loaded. SSH Agent depends also on some unknown constant and refuses sometimes to save creds and autocompletion doesnt work neither properly. Having spent already hours just for such shenanigans I had enough. I want features to save time and improve usability and not for the single purpose to repair them again and over again...

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