fish shell

  1. K

    No leap 15.3 for fish on any site where I can download 'fish'! When I do download file and try to install I get the errors depicted in the picture...

    I need to load fish, Konsole sucks...need assistance Please!!
  2. D

    Are Fish and Bash the Same Except the GUI Layer?

    Using Linux Mint Ulyana as my daily driver. But recently I tried Garuda, and above all, I was blown away by its amazing shell that popped up when I pressed Ctrl+Alt+T. I got to know it is called the fish shell. The thing is, even in mint, I am using a different shell called Tilix from...
  3. I


    Hello 1) chsh -s /usr/bin/tmux after this I will start login with tmux 2) after this i want "automatic" open fish shell how can I make it?
  4. Rob

    bash or fish for shell?

    I've used bash for the past 20 years or so for my go-to shell because it's the default shell on most linux distributions - at least the ones i've used professionally for work. I wanted to make sure whatever I did on my workstation, i'd be able to mimic across the farm. Lately, since I now do...