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That dog's apparent ability has amazed people over the length and breadth of Australia.

He is definitely a little trooper.

LOL I've seen said dog on Reddit before. I suspect he's amazed people all over the globe.

The dog is more famous than any of us.

For decades, they've been just a footstep away. Now the residents of Ramsay Street are moving out

Ah... Dog... The 'kelpie' I thought of was the shape changing evil horse mythological beast. I had to click through to the article to discover it is a dog.
One of these....(mine)


Yeah, that'd be a pretty solid storm for my area of the world.

To put things in perspective, it's not unknown to get close to 4 meters in a single storm. I average about 12m most years but a few years have been much higher snow totals. And those winters were awesome.

Hopefully after reading these articles, you will some idea why the dog below forms such a huge part of my life
Belle at Condo.JPG

The intelligence does not have to be looked is just...there.

When I retired, I was still pretty young. That's what we did, among other things, to prepare for a winter climb of The Knife's Edge on Katahdin (which isn't all that tall, but has some pretty steep sections.

I would not attempt to do this at my age, but it was fun a bit more than a decade ago.




John Rankine has been coming to the races since 1963 and said the races, although changing, have stayed true to their ethos.

"We're still having fun," he said.

The 72-year-old treasures the event's uniqueness.

"The other ones [rodeos and race meetings] are a lot more civilised. This is the real deal."

More than beers and bulls​

While it's well known for its eccentric events, the value of the Brunette Races for people working in rural and remote parts of the Territory is far more than quirky entertainment.

Ms Blackwood said that in a world of instant communication, the races were invaluable to keeping people's spirits up.

"I think there is no replacement for face-to-face contact."

"These are such important things because people get the opportunity to have that contact," she said.




I haven't played rugby since prep school.

I do mostly understand the rules for Australian Football. So, there's that...
In Australia, rugby is actually "rugby union"....where as the game being played by the girls is "rugby league"

Australian football is now known as AFL....Australian Football League....or aerial ping pong as the detractors would have it called.......or Aussie Rules.

It is generally acknowledged that Aussie rules is the more skilful of the games, a claim that is hotly contested by the other two 'codes'

Then there is 'football'.....aka Soccer...played with a round ball and originating in england, ireland, scotland etc

I think all codes would generally agree that when it comes to skill, The Soccer (football) players have it in spades... they certainly do have it when it comes to bunging on an act........even Ronaldo has honed his acting skills

Sport isn't just about the game or the result. Sport is about the memories you make with the people you love along the way.

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