Australia - The Land Down Under


What led up to Cleo being found....

this hit the UK news tonight, thankfully the little one didn't look like she has suffered any bad experiences that so often happen
White Cliffs. 100 people.

Outback NSW, Australia . Known for sporadic rainfall.....usually none

More sheep than people. One station has 4000 sheep spread over 77000 acres.

One of the hottest places in Australia. Known for Opals and houses dug out of the ground to escape the heat

The tears of joy would be so real, the smiles would be a foot wide.

If follow up rain is received (it is predicted) the smiles and tears of joy will transform to a 'glow'
Aurora lights up Australia's southern skies


Image: Northern TAS. Source: @shotswithjohnny / Instagram

A geomagnetic storm caused by charged particles emitted from the sun produced a dazzling display of colours in both the northern and southern hemispheres during the last 24 hours.

Auroral displays are caused when charged particles emitted by the sun rush towards Earth and interact with gases in our atmosphere. This interaction can cause curtains of vivid lights in the night sky across high latitudes in both hemispheres.

Australia is usually too far north to see the Aurora when a weak event occurs. However, Thursday night's Aurora was strong enough to be seen from parts of Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

@benjstrike Aurora Australis near South Arm TAS 4NOV21 (1).jpg

image: South Arm, TAS. Source: @benjstrike / Instagram

Only, in Australia.

The booming seaside town that refused to give up its local hardware store

In the small tourist town of Port Fairy, property regularly sells for millions, but when the owners of the local hardware store decided to retire and sell up, they refused offers from developers until they found a buyer who would keep the 100-year-old business alive.
Flood while you Dine anyone ?

Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink....(maybe some beer might flow ?....)

Only in Australia.....Sydney



Its raining on the rock !...Ayers rock aka Uluru...

Its raining on the rock.jpg

READ the below then look at the green images.

Images Below: False-colour satellite images of the Alice Springs region, captured by the Sentinel-2A satellite on November 4th (top) and November 11th (bottom). Source: Sentinel Hub, Sinergise Ltd.

The images above use artificial colours to enhance the features detected by the satellite. Light green colours show land and dark blue is water.

With the past week's drenching, Alice Springs has now collected 196.2mm (8") !! of rain so far this month, making this its wettest calendar month since January 2001.....YES, this is a twenty year time span

For the outback of Australia, this is a HUGE deal.
Sentinel-2 L2A image on 2021-11-04.jpg
Sentinel-2 L2A image on 2021-11-11 (1).jpg
Rainng on the "rock' is SUCH an unusual event, it was immortalised in song by Aussie singer John Williamson


Open the link and take a gecko at the pics...including the location of these people.

Thank God they took an emergency beacon with them.

It would have saved them and others a great deal of hassle and drama if they had also paid attention to the Weather Forecasts

Rescue planned for family stranded in bogged campervan in Simpson Desert after heavy rain​