Are YouTube Alternatives Finally Taking off?


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A number of you reading this are aware YouTube has gradually and consistently fallen from grace (partially due to Google's influence, *insert evil laugh*), and now it's just as sleazy, corrupt, and corporate as Walmart in terms of business practices. I'll admit I usually watch YouTubers through Invidious sites just so I don't have to deal with the algorithm among other things, but there have been times where I've wanted to break away from YouTube completely, because the more I allow it into my life, the harder it is for it to finally go extinct. Some YouTubers, such Eli the Computer Guy, Chris Were, and DistroTube have accounts on other platforms, such as LBRY/Odysee and PeerTube (even though it's not their main ones), Cinemassacre (who's known for the Angry Video Game Nerd series) has a secondary account on Amazon Prime, and Computing Forever quit YouTube and only uses it as a billboard for his videos on Odysee, Minds, BitChute, and Gab (I'm surprised he'd go to those last two of all places, considering he's not part of the far-right). While its great there are a consistent number of YouTubers who have quit YouTube, it doesn't always mean they've migrated to other platforms. Some end up quitting because they've gotten a lot of negative publicity, needing to tend to their personal lives, moving onto other ventures, etc.

While it's interesting to watch this Great Exodus from YouTube unfold, its worth noting some of these alternative platforms still have their fair share of issues. I know from watching videos on Odysee and PeerTube, there's still some buffering issues, which can make them unwatchable. Amazon Prime, like every other streaming service, makes you beholden to it by deplatforming content at anytime and for whatever reason, monitoring your viewing habits, and most-likely data-mines you. BitChute and Gab are a breeding ground for the far-right (as I mentioned above). The videos on Minds are still buggy for whatever reason. Then there are other ones out there that I can't give my thoughts on because I've never used them.

I'd like to imagine that these normal alternative platforms will improve over time, while the ones the scumbags congregate at will eventually phase out of existence. I'd like to imagine the days of YouTube (and Big Tech in general) are finally numbered. However, only time will tell.

What are some alternative platforms you've checked out, and what are your experiences with them? Who would you recommend watching and why? Are there YouTubers who are on there exclusively or have a secondary channel on there?
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Jun 14, 2019
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Occasionally i've watched eznix on YouTube talk about Slackware; but here's the thing in areas which are sub Sahara internet access is at a premium. Networks like MTN allow you to have a SIM in a wifo router dedicated to data, but for instance the equivalent cost for internet access normal browsing and kids watching YouTube is equivalent to a mans wages for a month say in Ghana . So if i do any DuckDuck searches and there is a choice of reading text and watching video ; i always go for reading text.

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