1. Adithyansm

    [SOLVED] Some websites not loading in Linux

    Hello, everyone have a good day, I was bored with the old vlc skin and wanted to download some new skins, So I went to the vlc webpage and it was not working. I thought It was my network issue but when I tried in windows it works perfectly fine. I tried in 3 browsers (EDGE, FIREFOX, CHROME)but...
  2. SpongebobFan1994

    Are YouTube Alternatives Finally Taking off?

    A number of you reading this are aware YouTube has gradually and consistently fallen from grace (partially due to Google's influence, *insert evil laugh*), and now it's just as sleazy, corrupt, and corporate as Walmart in terms of business practices. I'll admit I usually watch YouTubers through...
  3. OskOskOsk

    My website cant be reached from outside network.

    Hello, I host my website on Ubuntu Server using Apache 2. I can only reach my website using LAN network trought my prvate ip. My friends can access my Minecraft server on port :25565 but cant access website on port :80. I tried to turn off Linux firewall but it dont fix problem.
  4. sujatha90

    Website Link in Signature

    Hello Friends, I want to use my website link in signature. What is the procedure to add my website link in Signature. Thank You.