Announcement: It is a sad day for the Linux community, especially here at

This is a cross post, the breaking of forum and online discussion rules,
Personally I don't consider this a breaking of the rules, both forums are complimentary in the way they work, not competitive, with common goals within the Linux family,

Rules are made for the obedience of idiots and the guidance of the wise, I trust we are all wise enough to appreciate the work that Alan did for both forums and the wider Linux world.

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Sad news. Alan was a nice guy, I never met him in person. But I had a lot of interactions with him here over the years. He will be sorely missed.
In mid June 2019, @Rob generated this Off Topic subforum for us to enjoy things other than LInux.

I became one of its early tenants or denizens, with Rock Roxx.

Not many weeks after that, Alan began his Thread there, on Classical Music

Three years later, he shared with us another of his favourite music genres ...jazz

I give you his first video from each of those, to enjoy.


I hope those of you who like those music styles will continue to patronise those Threads.

I believe Alan @arochester would enjoy that.


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