Am I a Linux jinx or what?


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Hi all,

I am not a new to Linux, I was using various distros before, but always returning to Windows due to lack of hmm..almost everything, but not apps. Usually, people return to win because of lack of apps they need but not me. I used lxle, ubuntu, kubuntu, arch, now mint. Stuff that you have to do via terminal is PAINFUL! I never wanted to be a hero, experimenting or something, I ALWAYS consulted GOOGLE. No matter how small thing is about, there is always an error. Terminal never did a thing for me. After a long break (I was using Win10) I recently returned to Linux (mint).

I got this small 'lite software' app installer that have few apps, but completely unable to install their original software manager
Unable to install snapd for anbox, I got that famous error 'is a disabled or a static unit...' I tried everything advised on many forums, nothing helps...
That famous error when u disconnect from certain wifi then connect again (due to unexplainable sudden disconnections)... I have to restart PC to reconnect
Whatever I google, apparently there is a solution (which means more fiddling in terminal but ok) and nothing works. I also noticed that people starting discussions are not luckier then me...
I just started my Linux journey again and it's a shame, really like Mint, interface is beautiful, it's super quick, also it's booting fast. Apps are there I know that, but there is always an error when I want to install something from terminal. I managed to install that ubuntu software center but it only shows few apps, the ones that lite software shows (I assume I have to install repositories too, but no further options as there are no menus there)...

After this long break, I thought that in 2020 people will less rely on terminal, and more on graphical interface but not... It wasn't a bummer googling stuff every 5-6 minutes and typing in terminal (well, pasting most of the time to make sure there is no typing error) but since nothing works, should I return to Win, before I dive into Linux and lose more nerves..?


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well i do remember a period where i part used Windows, used Linux but then sort of ran back to Windows for feelings of comfort. It can take a while to make a complete break from Windows.

It is mooted that some users go for a particular Distro , because it has the "look of windows".
To me thats sort of self deluding. English humor alert .Its like saying I got around by horse; to make me fell comfortable I stuck a horses head on my ford cortina bonnet .

One thing i didn't like Windows being (i'm told a bit of a control freak) was when it poked its nose in when trying to do things (there was that irritating paper clip Desktop gismo) Same with Linux. If you can control everything as much as possible and less automation , then you might feel more in control .

Linux does use a terminal a lot of the time, but often its simple and saves a lot of time. For instance to update my anti-virus signatures just requires this:

# freshclam

if you have Windows ten use the linux virtual by installing the Windows Subset. Play around with bash from Windows until you get comfortable. Then maybe dip your toe in again with Linux
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The reason that so many suggested solutions to problems are given as terminal commands is because they are often the shortest and quickest way to solve problems.

It is possible to perform administrative tasks like package management via the GUI.. but it's a complete PITA to describe all of the steps.... Open this, click that, select the menu item, Hoover your grandma, pray to the elder gods, blah blah blah....

Operations in the GUI often require a bunch of steps and sometimes it takes a long time to describe each step, clicking through menus and pop up dialogs etc.

Whereas in the terminal, you can bypass all of that nonsense by entering a few commands and the job is usually done in next to no time.
Which is why most people answer Linux based questions with esoteric one liners for the terminal!

The terminal is by far the most powerful toolbox you have at your disposal. Time spent learning to use the tools in the terminal, is always time well spent!

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I've read the 2 replies previous to mine, dundo_marjole and I totally understand your frustration. I'm a real Linux newbie and everything I do here seems like I'm off in la-la land, flying around with an umbrella. But I would highly encourage you to keep at it. The command line seems like a pain after using Windows for years, but I believe we were lulled in lazy thinking with Windows. If I had paid more attention to the command lines as I went along in Windows, I'd be ever so much smarter today. I am determined to get away from MS and their holding everyone captive to their way of doing things and then charging us for the privilege of using it!! I will learn Linux or die trying! Keep up the good work, dundo, you can do it!! ;)


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The terminal is by far the most powerful toolbox you have at your disposal. Time spent learning to use the tools in the terminal, is always time well spent!
I quite agree and I am an old fart and new at this operating system. Gui's also have their limitations on what you can and cannot do. And they do have limitations on the information they give!
A few abbreviated words and the information you require is all there, bistro. Gui's this tab, this menu item then this menu item, this tab. Ah finally got what I need to know, medlennyy.

I'm off in la-la land, flying around with an umbrella.
Ah! Mary Poppins I do believe. :)
Love your signature Sue.

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