A simple trick to lower game resolution in "borderless windowed mode"!


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Sep 23, 2021
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While playing native Linux games or using WINE or proton or different forms of emulation, some games just will not allow themselves to be switched to fullscreen. As a matter of fact, the only options they have available are either windowed mode, or borderless windowed mode. Lowering the resolution will cause in the case of the former for the window to shrink to smaller portion of the screen size, and in the latter, changing resolution may not be possible at all.

So what can you do? You got your computer, which can't run the game well in native resolution, and the only choice you're stuck between is suffering the low frame rates or not having the game across the entirety of your screen.

The solution is actually simple enough that I felt stupid for not knowing it before - LOWER YOUR DESKTOP RESOLUTION!
Borderless windowed mode in a game will be forced to stretch to the native resolution of your desktop, but if the resolution if your desktop is below native, then it has a lesser area to stretch to, resulting in a lesser resolution.

I've tested it in multiple games, and for the library in my possession, the results were conclusive. Try it yourself, see how it works for you!

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