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@The Duck

If it comes to it, I'll use a different browser!
I use several different browsers and TBH they all are pretty much for the most about the same.

Google Chrome is the one I keep an eye on it likes to change some of your settings so it can collect more if not all of your data.

I'm not a Google Chrome fan although it comes on Linux Lite and Linux Lite is what the Wife uses so I keep up with it.

Brave-browser gets my vote

ignore the fact that I wroe this for Debian 11.....the process is exactly the same

I recommend download brave from their site
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On #14, not a lot of point in pinging me where VPN is concerned, I am like Sergeant Schultz

"I know nothing ... I see nothing"

First of all, I'm figuring out that when people talk about Wire guard and network manager, these aren't necessarily apps in the menu (like Windows control panel or menu). I couldn't find an app called "Network Manager", but I DID find something called "Network"


And THEN I saw this!


I didn't notice Wiregaurd because I'm using a USB ethernet connection.

I double click on "USB Ethernet", but this is NOT where I found out other things and get confused. Hey! You DID read that warning didn't you, trial and error??

The settings I changed are not here...


I don't know how I ended up here... It was NOT from the Wiregaurd icon on the right side of the panel...


I found network settings through something in the menu.


I checked "Automatically Connect to VPN" and changed metered to connection to "No".
I made those changes to ALL of the networks. I think Wiregaurd was turned on when I did that. The icon wasn't in the pane earlier today or ever.

I saved all the settings and got knocked off of the internet. Being a newbie, I thought I messed (<--- substitute word) up big time. I would have to talk to everyone from my tablet, always a pain! The icon for my wired connection was gone. Firefox wouldn't open. I opened the terminal, I was already logged into NordVPN ( <--LOOK LOOK. I used that scary thing, the terminal!!) And this when I figured out what actually happened. I forgot that when certain settings are changed in the VPN network, I have to reconnect to the servers.

So (In the terminal!) I reconnected to the servers. When I didn't see the previous Icon for my wired connection, I wasn't sure everything was right. Firefox loaded. I hovered over the icons on the left side of the panel and noticed that image I posted above said "Wiregaurd".

So I guess I'm using Wiregaurd and apparently I'm also using the Network Manager.

I hope you enjoyed my unnecessarily lengthy answer!
But look at the bright side I (think) I got everything in one reply. Even so, I reserve the right to edit and add to my response at anytime in the future.

Now that I know I'm using Wiregaurd and it reportedly helps with DNS leaks, I'm going to run a test.


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I don't worry about this very much now...especially playing around with browsers...when I do a clean install I encrypt my DNS.

As for browsing the net I sometimes use a free add on web VPN from Firefox and Brave.
When I run a DNS Leak test I get this...


Or even this...

As I'm not in these countries why would I care.
I cannot follow whatever it is you wish to achieve

So.......two screenshots of part of my setup here on menu...type in on it....and there it is.




Just for clarity, I use Airvpn (since 2014)

The airvpn 'client' (the thing that makes connections happen and takes care of business) is Eddie
I download eddie from airvpn....specifically for Linux) double click it to install it.....and away I go.
I download various items via Switzerland...always.
They have a support crew I reach via email if I need them. That would be a rarity.
I cannot follow whatever it is you wish to achieve

Oops! :oops:
Sorry 'bout that.

I think on some level I'm just excited that I'm starting to understand how to find things in Linux and see what I can do.
The MOST important reason I want to stick with the VPN I have now is that it makes my connection A LOT FASTER.
I'm not blowing off the alternatives people are telling me about. :)

The second most important is that I just paid for a 2 year subscription.
It looks like that link is another language?
I changed the link to a general link, can you please remove that screenshot from your quote. I don't want to anyone on the forum to be able to guess my geographical location.
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Always use DNS over HTTPS.
I just saw that from your OP about what you configure, not sure if that's the best way to go because my vpn provider says the following.

Looking at your screenshots in your later post it seems NetworkManager has wiregaurd support now. I haven't tried that yet to see if I get dns leaks then or not. I have been using the Mullvad vpn app and they specifically state.
The Mullvad VPN app protects you from DNS leaks
So if you still get dnsleaks from using the wireguard integration with NetworkManager then it might be another option to try to official NordVPN app since I would think there app has dnsleak protection too.

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