1. B

    vim isn't working

    when i tried to edit code in vim it wont allow me to use the esc key to the ctrl + [ option to enter command mode im getting frustrated becuz im trying to edit github code for scripts that i know i can fix but it wont allow me so i thought maybe the code was read only or something so i entered...
  2. sudoit

    Vim theme doesn't work when .vimrc is there!

    Hi guys! my native language is not English, so I apologize to you for the mistakes you'll see. When there is a ~/.vimrc file, the vim theme does not work, but the rest of the configurations are enabled, like set nu. Even by running the colorscheme delek command, the vim theme will not be set...
  3. P

    Yanking and pasting from system's buffer within bash's vi mode

    I've recently switched to bash's vi mode after being reluctant and i'm currently facing two issues , namely not being able to use the system register for my cut,copy and pate operations with text between the command line and other applications . The only way to use the system register is while...
  4. Rob

    Vim basics and more

    I've been using vim for about 22 years and even today find little tips and tidbits that I didn't know about! This article will go through some of the things I use often in vim - and I hope we'll get some great replies with what some of your favorite tips are! Let's get going. Let's start out...
  5. Rob

    How to quit vi/vim

    This has been a long term joke, but as an avid vim user, it's simple. Once you open your file and edit it, to quit vi/vim, you simply: Quit without saving: ESC, then :q If you ctrl-c, you'll create a swap file.. Quit with saving: ESC, then :ZZ Vim is really the ultimate editor.. learn to...
  6. CptCharis

    Latex in Vim

    Hello everybody. Do any of you have instruction to add Latex in Vim? Thanks a lot & have a nice day.
  7. D

    bashrc file's end scripts are inline commented

    Today I was working on getting ClamavNet working, i saw some errors, googled them, on a forum someone said i have to set the libraries to PATH. So i saw some online tutorials, and started editing bashrc through vim. I've a certain amount of basic programming/scripting syntax idea. So i noticed...
  8. Rob

    How to exit vim

    This question comes up a LOT with users experimenting with different editors. To exit vim, hit ESC to get out of insert mode, then type the following, including the colon Quit, saving changes: :wq<ENTER> Quit, NOT saving changes: :q!<ENTER>