1. Rob

    Vim basics and more

    I've been using vim for about 22 years and even today find little tips and tidbits that I didn't know about! This article will go through some of the things I use often in vim - and I hope we'll get some great replies with what some of your favorite tips are! Let's get going. Let's start out...
  2. Rob

    How to quit vi/vim

    This has been a long term joke, but as an avid vim user, it's simple. Once you open your file and edit it, to quit vi/vim, you simply: Quit without saving: ESC, then :q If you ctrl-c, you'll create a swap file.. Quit with saving: ESC, then :ZZ Vim is really the ultimate editor.. learn to...
  3. CptCharis

    Latex in Vim

    Hello everybody. Do any of you have instruction to add Latex in Vim? Thanks a lot & have a nice day.
  4. D

    bashrc file's end scripts are inline commented

    Today I was working on getting ClamavNet working, i saw some errors, googled them, on a forum someone said i have to set the libraries to PATH. So i saw some online tutorials, and started editing bashrc through vim. I've a certain amount of basic programming/scripting syntax idea. So i noticed...
  5. Rob

    How to exit vim

    This question comes up a LOT with users experimenting with different editors. To exit vim, hit ESC to get out of insert mode, then type the following, including the colon Quit, saving changes: :wq<ENTER> Quit, NOT saving changes: :q!<ENTER>