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    Inertial scrolling causes problems

    Inertial scrolling can cause usability problems with some programs used in some desktop environments, if a modifier key is pressed soon after inertial scrolling has been launched because software may have some binding for that, but user may want to type a pure key shortcut, instead. These so...
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    Kali in text mode only

    i formatted my PC with new iso for kali, when the SO is starting, dont show the interface, is staying in text mode only, and command common is not accepted. What i need do for fix it?
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    Ubuntu interface does not stretch

    Hi, I'm very new to any Linux OS so forgive me if I'm asking a silly question.o_O Before I install Ubuntu as my primary OS in another PC I have installed Ubuntu in VirtualBox to try it out. The first thing I have come a crop at is that I cannot stretch the Ubuntu interface, it will not even...
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    apps for one desktop (Gnome) work well on other user interface?

    I'm new enough to Linux that I'm as yet agnostic regarding the desktop interface. I've been trying the various flavors of Ubuntu, and maybe I'm starting to like the minimalism of Xubuntu with its Xfce UI. As I migrate away from Microsoft Windows, my biggest challenge has been finding a decent...