Ubuntu interface does not stretch


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Sep 11, 2019
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Hi, I'm very new to any Linux OS so forgive me if I'm asking a silly question.o_O
Before I install Ubuntu as my primary OS in another PC I have installed Ubuntu in VirtualBox to try it out.
The first thing I have come a crop at is that I cannot stretch the Ubuntu interface, it will not even maximise the screen


Am I missing something?

G'day scopio, and Welcome to linux.org

That is the effect of the Virtual Box.

Once you install to a hard drive it will fill the screen.
Thank you Condobloke for you quick reply.
I had an idea that that was the case but wanted it confirmed by a knowledgeable person in Linux as it is my first exploration into Virtual machines and indeed Linux.

Thanks a million ;)
No problem.

If you have ubuntu on a usb stcik or even on a dvd, you can boot the pc to that usb (or dvd) and actually try ubuntu then....without installing it. It will run in RAM. It will be a bit slower than a full ionstall. It will fill the screen and connect to the internet.

If you are going to wipe out whatever is on the hard drive, then you simply double click on the "install" icon and away you go.

Be sure of what you want to do.

if you are replacing windows entirely, are there any pics, documents etc etc you might wish to backup before you wipe it out ?