apps for one desktop (Gnome) work well on other user interface?



I'm new enough to Linux that I'm as yet agnostic regarding the desktop interface. I've been trying the various flavors of Ubuntu, and maybe I'm starting to like the minimalism of Xubuntu with its Xfce UI.

As I migrate away from Microsoft Windows, my biggest challenge has been finding a decent personal information manager. I might use Evolution.

It's a Gnome project, and here's my noobie question:

If this is the PIM application I decide to go with, would I be better off adopting a Linxux distro that packages Gnome as its front end? Or, when packages get installed on non-Gnome-based variants, do the packages thoughtfully install all the Gnome-based support they're going to need?

Thanks for your thoughts!

If you install Evolution on Xubutu, I have a feeling a decent number of other GNOME packages will also be installed. Personally I love GNOME, however perhaps you would like Thunderbird?
I personally love Thunderbird and have used it for a long time. But it is currently is a state of transition as Mozilla is seeking to get another group to take it over. This could go well, or badly... who knows? Evolution is also a very nice product and should work well too. As a new user, maybe the stability of Evolution will be more appealing to you... but there is nothing stopping you from installing both and seeing which you like best. Good luck!


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