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ubuntu 18 lts

  1. W

    Computer Freezing

    Hi all, I am relatively new to linux. I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a home PC. I have recently found that my PC has been locking up causing a range of problems including virtual drives to unmount. I'm reasonably confident that it isn't a system resources issue. When all services are running...
  2. D

    Network issues

    Hello, we have a problem on ubuntu 18.4 if anyone has the idea please. Ubuntus 18.4 VM in vmware which has two network card: one in the DMZ and one in the local network, the server can be reached from the internet from the DMZ card IP by port forwarding and can be reached from the local network...
  3. R

    Low disk space on filesystem root

    I recently dual booted my laptop and assigned ~30GB of space to Ubuntu 18.04 and after a week I started to get warnings regarding low space in my root directory. I got by fine for a another week by deleting used stuff and only keeping important things, but now even after doing all that I'm still...
  4. A

    Ubuntu 18.04LTS full - chaos! a lot of customization problem even fr a fresh installation

    hii, i am kind of new ubuntu user, not that new, i know and have used many terminal commands.. but when i comes with customization of newly installed ubuntu, i am really hopeless.. i have in 2 months broke 3 fresh ubuntu 18.04lts installation.. the last one, i have made a 4 partitions for...
  5. superboy2k6

    [SOLVED] Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS fails to boot properly after deleting partitions

    I don't know where to post this but here's my issue: I had Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS with Windows 8.1 dual boot. Today I accidentally deleted all the partitons in that hard drive except my ubuntu partition. I even deleted my system partition. But I had backed up my home folder before rebooting the...
  6. R

    Bash generating files with linux lock

    How do I solve bash lock file and directory generation? Every time I create a new file that file is lock-generated
  7. R

    Bash generating files with linux lock

    How do I solve bash lock file and directory generation? Every time I create a new file that file is generated with a lock.
  8. R

    Problem with starting Ubuntu

    Hello, all It has been a while that I am using Ubuntu 18 and nothing happens until now I got these messages and everything stops and I don't know what to do https://drive.google.com/file/d/10KV0kSpgeWRw-ompFx62_g3jIM4CDIfJ/view?usp=drivesdk I don't want to lose my data nor my programs Is that a...
  9. E

    Lubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bit: ricoh sp 211 scanner not working

    Hi, I have a problem with multifunction printer-scanner ricoh sp 211 su. I installed the driver r78188en.exe that is a Linux SANE Scanner Driver and contains sp-200series_Scanner-1.01-noarch. The printer is detected and it works after that I installed it by adding a printer with a...
  10. blackneos940

    How To Reconnect My Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server To The Internet When I Can Still Access It Locally?

    Hey guys!..... :3 I'm back with another problem..... One I think could be a help to others..... :3 So anywho, this all happened after I installed Pihole, Apache2, PHP, mySQL, and everything else needed to turn my Server into a Web Server..... :) These are the things I have tried to...
  11. T

    Hibernate does not restore session

    Hey . I use a MacBook Pro Late 12, Ubuntu 18.04, i3wm and I have configured 12 Gb of swap (thats 1.5x my RAM size). Unfortunately when my laptop tries to hibernate (like with sudo pm-hibernate) it just turns off completely and when I boot again it does not restore the session. I tried out...