Problem with starting Ubuntu

Rana Yehya Mohamed

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Aug 19, 2019
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Hello, all
It has been a while that I am using Ubuntu 18 and nothing happens until now
I got these messages and everything stops and I don't know what to do
I don't want to lose my data nor my programs
Is that a way to solve this?
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Your screenshot doesn't show any real errors, so I'm not sure what might be stopping the boot process at that point either. What was going on when it was last working correctly? That is, did you run any updates, or install any new software, install any new hardware, or make any BIOS/UEFI changes?

Your screenshot also looks like you may have one or more encrypted drives or partitions... is that so? I do not have any experience working with encrypted systems, but I'm a bit concerned that it could make recovering your data more difficult, or impossible, if you are not able to get your current system to boot again.
Last time I opened my laptop wss perfectly fine but this time I don't know what happened
I kept restarting my laptop after this post and it gives me some failed files(not certain files) but the stopping point is the same

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