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    Touchpad stops responding in MX Linux

    I had a perfecty working MX Linux setup on a small Laptop. Today when the power cable was disconnected, the touch pad stopped responding, the keyboard works, am able to touch the power button, this brings up the menu for logging out shutting down etc, and I chose reboot, the same thing happens...
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    Unsolvable Problem

    Hello :) I hope you can help me This is about the fact that with my new Asus ZenBook 14 under Linux the touchpad sometimes and for no apparent reason very delayed and slows down if I leave it then briefly (2 minutes) it works again but the symptom comes back after a short time also if I touch...
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    Laptop touchpad and on-board wifi configuration

    Hello: I have already installed Linux Lite 5.4 on my 8 years old Acer laptop and it worked efficiently with only 2gb ram and a 5400rpm hdd. However, Linux Lite is unable to detect the touchpad and the on-board Wi-Fi chip. Is there any way for me to configure both hardware on my laptop with...
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    Inertial scrolling causes problems

    Inertial scrolling can cause usability problems with some programs used in some desktop environments, if a modifier key is pressed soon after inertial scrolling has been launched because software may have some binding for that, but user may want to type a pure key shortcut, instead. These so...
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    Linux choice for 12" MacBook (early 2015)

    Hello all I've repetedly tried to install different Linux distros on my MacBook 12" (early 2015) but it always ends with a unresponsive keyboard and touchpad (don't want to "solve" it with an external keyboard and mouse permanently). This is a well-known problem with this version of hardware if...
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    disable touchpad through xinput

    I am trying to disable touchpad through xinput. But I cannot find the id for my touchpad... Here is xinput list: Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)] ⎜ ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4 [slave pointer (2)] ⎜ ↳ DLL07A9:01 044E:120B...