Linux choice for 12" MacBook (early 2015)


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Apr 29, 2019
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Hello all

I've repetedly tried to install different Linux distros on my MacBook 12" (early 2015) but it always ends with a unresponsive keyboard and touchpad (don't want to "solve" it with an external keyboard and mouse permanently). This is a well-known problem with this version of hardware if I understand it correct from reading different forums.

Anyone have experience from solving this problem? Is it the same with newer Macbooks?

Many thanks

G'day @b135802 and welcome to :)

Can you give us more specs on the rig?

I am not a Mac man but I'll keep my eyes peeled and report back here with anything useful.

Chris Turner

BTW what LInux Distros have you tried and what is the latest?
Hello @b135802.

If you can install your distro but without response of keyboard or touchpad , that's sound like no supported drivers.

Our admin @Rob, running ubuntu into a Macbook. probably he will be more helpful.
Hello again. Sorry for the long silence. I've been away from civilization for a bit.

@wizardfromoz, my MacBook is from early 2015, got a 1,1 GHz Intel Core M, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. Graphics by Intel HD Graphics 5300 1536 Mb. SSD 250Gb.

Yes, I can install a distro but without response from keyboard/touchpad - it must be a driver issue, right @CptCharis? Info on the keyboard/touchpad from the screendump below.

Which MacBook are you running Ubunto from, @Rob?



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