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    Weird Screen glitch

    Hi, I'm working on linuxmint 20 and recently I started to have weird screen glitches. In fact there are some colored pixels that appear and disappear sometimes in big numbers sometimes in fewer numbers ... I have attached two screenshots of my screen and the output of lspci. I'm using one of the...
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    [SOLVED] xrandr overrides --panning setting for HDMI display

    I've hooked up a HDMI display to my laptop, and it almost works, except that my HDMI display seems to overlap with my primary display such that it ignores my --panning option. Both my internal eDP-1 display and my HDMI-1-0 display are 1920x1080 and i'm trying to place my HDMI display on the...
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    Screen Resolution

    Hi I am new to the world of Linux (I should have come here a lot earlier) But I am just having some trouble with my aspect ratio and screen resolution, the problem is that I am using a ultra wide monitor 3840x1080. I have used the console using xrandr and so on to get a new screen resolution...
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    Unable to use external monitor

    Hello all, I have problems using external monitors with Ubuntu 18.04. I use an HP laptop and I want to connect two different external monitors, one that I have at home (LG) and one that I have at work (Dell). In the two cases I have the same issue: the laptop's screen turns black and never...
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    I can't share my laptop screen!

    Hi, I try to share my display trought a DVI cable, but my Os detect the screen model, but the monitor keep a black screen... What do i need to do? I had a ATI radeon HD 4200
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    Monitor Resolution Problem

    I have managed to successfully install Debian on a Partition on my IBM Pentium 4 via Installation CD. (Note to programmers: add to the Installation Help Box that Linux cannot be installed on a Partition created by Microsoft Windows. You have to delete & reformat that MS Partition using Linux...