1. Feriman22

    Portscan Protection

    Hi, based on this solution I wrote a shell script, which is blocking port scanning, so nobody can find (or much more slowly) your "hidden" SSH or FTP port The protection based on built-in firewall. The script stored on GitHub: Portcan Protection I hope you find it useful! Best Regards, Feriman
  2. Nemesis

    Adding program rules to ufw application.d open ports to ALL apps?

    Hi all! I've been looking around for a solution to specify ufw firewallrules for a specific program. I found out that using the applications.d should do the trick. However, upon adding the rules to the firewall, the firewall opens the port for all applications, not only the one I specified...
  3. Nemesis

    Blocking all outgoing ports not allowed?

    Hi all! I'm trying to block all outgoing ports, so only my VPN client can access the net. No, I'm not using the terminal, I'm running Linux Mint 19.2, and the firewall gui. However, the firewall don't accept the ports (see screenshot) I can't press the add button, since it's grayed out. There...
  4. M

    Proxy and Firewall : What a relationship of rules between them.

    Hello everyone. Next, in my corporate environment, I have a Squid proxy and a PfSense firewall. My Squid is running perfectly and my PfSense is also in separate HOST. Each one with its respective IP. The doubt is as follows, I have rules that release and deny certain sites. I had the need to...
  5. M

    Blocking all IP's except for my public ip for ssh (UFW)

    Hello, I'm running a website on Apache2 ubuntu 18.04 and I was wondering how to block all ip addresses except for my public ip address for ssh. Trying to lock the server down as much as I can.
  6. D

    Security and VPN's

    I'm a new convert to Linux and very much like the usability. My main concern when switching over was security as I handle some sensitive information on my computer, and maybe have an all to healthy sense of paranoia. This is partly my reason for switching over. I have an account with CactusVPN...
  7. Rob

    What are you guys using for firewalls at home?

    I've been using untangle on a Dell r210 for the past few years - it's based on Debian and has been pretty solid. I've been thinking of switching to pfsense though to see what the differences are.