file manager

  1. tinfoil-hat

    Solved How to launch Script in Nemo

    Hi, I use Cinnamon with Nemo File Manager and want to execute a script in rightclick of a file. How would I accomplish this?
  2. P

    Programs can't open the file manager to save/open/show files

    Hi, I'm very new to Linux. When saving or opening a file from example Inkscape, nothing happens. I discovered this yesterday, when downloading a file from Firefox. When clicking the button, nothing happened. But i fixed it by changing "Always ask you where to save files" off, so the files now...
  3. X

    Custom icon positions in file manager

    Is there a file manager that allows you to arrange icons in any position? See image example. Thank you.
  4. R

    File System in linux vs File System in Windows

    Hello All, Want to know is there any concept in Linux like windows C drive, D drive etc..(partition) Please let me know. Thanks, Ravi
  5. F

    External Drive Data Missing?

    In the past 24 hours I've given myself a crash course in adding and sharing external drives in Linux (Raspbian). After relying on forums like this one I was able to piece together how to accomplish this since I'm new to Linux. I got 1 external drive set up and visible/writable on my Windows PC...
  6. I

    File Manager for Linux Mint

    I would like to install a compatible File Manager on my desktop computer running Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 64-bit Version 3.2.7 so that I can organize sideloaded music and picture files on my Sony 4K Bravia Smart TV using a WI-FI connection. Recommendations would be appreciated. ADDENDUM: I...
  7. A

    nnn - the missing terminal file browser for X

    This post is a shameless attempt to introduce nnn - I've been writing `nnn` for a year and it's stable now. Available on several distros and each release comes with cooked packages for multiple distros. `nnn` runs on Linux, OS X, Raspberry Pi, Cygwin, Linux...
  8. T

    Xubuntu window help

    Hello, I'm new to the forums & was hoping someone could help me fix a problem in Xubuntu. when I upload an image on a forum the window looks normal. but when I go to do it on an app like Discord. It looks like this. When I had Xubuntu previously installed. it didn't do that.